Two-thirds of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation ask to extend Plato to regional roads

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The Transport Ministry is discussing with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation the possibility of granting them the right to introduce tolling of heavy trucks on regional roads, two-thirds of the regions support the initiative, First Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation Innokenty Alafinov told reporters on Friday.

“We continue to work in this direction, we are waiting for the position of the regions on this issue, including the length of roads that they would see. We will finalize and report,” Alafinov said.

“Most of the regions we interviewed — more than 66 — are in favor. But this (the introduction of toll roads on regional roads — IF) will in any case be their right, not their obligation. They themselves will choose road sections, we are working on it now. More 66 regions are in favor. The issue is sensitive, we need to prepare, “he added.

In early July, the director of the Department of State Policy in the field of road facilities of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Grigory Volkov told Interfax that there was no decision to extend the Platon system to regional roads. He noted that if adopted, the regions would have to explain the amount of fees charged from the trucks.

“Today there is no solution, and I can’t say that someday it will be. As for the size of the payment – by modeling possible stories, we understand that the size of the payment cannot be higher than that set for federal roads. Each subject in our country Understanding, I must justify the size of the fee if such a decision is made, “said the official.

Earlier, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Dietrich, told reporters that the regions of the Russian Federation are proposing to extend the action of the Platon truck toll collection system to a number of regional roads that are most loaded with freight.
“I know about some initiatives in this area (extending the truck toll system to regional roads – IF). They do not imply a certain obligation on this issue. Regions formulate this proposal for those roads that are heavily loaded with freight transport, which he prefers to move to regional roads for various reasons, taking into account, as we discussed at the State Council, a rather difficult situation in the regions in terms of road quality and, as a rule, lower bearing capacity, the regional In comparison with the federal government, many regions simply say that such decisions are very important for a number of roads, but since this is a rather serious social history, we are not launching it anywhere so far, that is, while all possible options for this, “the minister said.