The North-West Customs Administration discussed preparations for the opening of the North-West e-Customs

В Северо-Западном таможенном управлении обсудили подготовку к открытию Северо-Западной электронной таможни

The preparations for the opening of the North-West e-Customs in 2020 were discussed in St. Petersburg at the board of the North-West Customs Administration (NWTU). The event was attended by Ruslan Davydov, First Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia.

Ruslan Davydov: “Even with a slight drop in turnover in value terms by 2-3%, NWTU this year increased payments to the budget: currently 610 billion rubles have been transferred – 13% more than last year, which indicates an improvement in the quality of customs administration. ”

First Deputy Head of North-West Telecom Sergey Berezin talked about preparations for the opening of North-West Electronic Customs (NWEC) and about the phased concentration of customs declarations in two central EDCs – the Baltic and North-West.

In the North-West Central Design Bureau, the entire declaration array will be concentrated in respect of goods transported by all modes of transport except water.

Baltic Customs will specialize in performing customs operations with respect to goods transported by water in the region where NWTU operates. The Baltic Customs Post (CED) will continue to work in its structure.

From November 28, 2019, the Ust-Luga customs post of Kingisepp Customs will be included in the concentration experiment: all the declaration of goods transported in the region by water will be concentrated in the Baltic Central Design Bureau.

From November 1 to November 15, 2019, the share of goods declarations issued by the Baltic Central Design Bureau amounted to 90.6%. The share of goods declarations issued by the St. Petersburg Customs Post (CED) of the St. Petersburg Customs amounted to 97.3%.