The growth rate of container traffic on the Far Eastern Railway is slowing down

Russian Railways will triple investments in updating the terminal-warehouse complex in 2020

In January – October, 571.1 thousand containers in 20-foot units (TEU) were transported in all types of communications on the Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern Railways). This is 11.7% more than for the same period in 2018.

In particular, 207.2 thousand TEU (+ 7.5%) were sent in internal traffic, 59 thousand TEU (+ 22.7%) in transit, 29.9 thousand TEU (+33.1 in export) %), in the import – 274.8 thousand TEU (+ 10.8%). At the same time, the transportation of loaded containers in all types of transport in January-October increased by 8.6% – more than 5 million tons were transported in them.

Among the main cargoes are chemicals and soda (66.8 thousand TEU were transported), forest products (21.6 thousand TEU), industrial goods (70.3 thousand TEU), hardware (59.8 thousand TEU), machinery, machine tools, engines (70.5 thousand TEU).

The growth rate of container transportation on the Far Eastern Railways is slowing. For comparison, in the first half of the year, the container flow increased by 16.4% compared to last year. A slowdown in growth is observed in domestic, transit and export traffic.