The court suspended the work of a coal transshipment company in the port of Nakhodka due to violations

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A court in the Primorsky Territory suspended the work of a stevedoring company for coal transshipment in the port of Nakhodka due to environmental violations. This was announced on Monday on the website of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor’s Office

The problem of air pollution from coal dust has been discussed in Primorye for several years. In 2017, it was especially aggravated due to the growth of coal exports to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, as a result of open transshipment, dust spreads in the vicinity, which causes numerous complaints from the population. A question about this was raised during a direct line with President Vladimir Putin by a resident of Nakhodka. There are several transshipment terminals in the local port that transship coal in an open way.

“The Nakhodka Transport Prosecutor, in order to ensure favorable environmental conditions for the life and health of the population of the city of Nakhodka, Primorsky Territory, as well as to eliminate harmful environmental effects, filed a lawsuit in court with a request to suspend the activities of the Port Vostochnye Vorota – Primorsky Zavod joint-stock company. <… > [It] for a long time did not take measures to eliminate violations of the legislation on environmental protection and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, the execution is prescribed ’of regulatory authorities and court decisions, while increasing the volume of coal transshipment,” the statement said.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the company’s activities in the water protection zone were not agreed with the Federal Fisheries Agency, wastewater was discharged into the Sea of ​​Japan with an excess of harmful substances.

“As a result, coal dust spread outside the production site, causing harm to the marine ecosystem. <…> The coal transshipment activities of the enterprise were suspended until the violations of sanitary and environmental requirements were eliminated,” the report said.
In 2018, the Primorye authorities entered into agreements with nine coal transshipment companies in Nakhodka. Stevedores pledged to invest in the fight against coal dust: air monitoring, construction of dust suppression fences, storm water treatment, and the use of dust-collecting agents.