Survey services for all types of cargo

Survey services are the type of independent expert services provided at the request of interested parties to control the quality of cargoes during their transportation.

Initially, the survey services were ordered by insurance companies. They consisted in the examination of the insured cargo and ships. To date, the list of survey services has expanded significantly.

Baltica-Trans Logistics company provides survey services for all types of cargo, including: lumber and paper, bulk and liquid cargo, non-ferrous metals and metal products, food, household appliances, cars, machinery and equipment.

Cargo inspection can be carried out both during and before or after the direct implementation of cargo operations.

Main survey services provided by Baltica-Trans Logistics:

  • inspection of damage to cargo, containers and other vehicles, damage assessment;
  • inspection of cargo during unloading/ loading, control of cargo passage;
  • sampling for laboratory tests;
  • inspection of cargoes before shipment, checking the status of packaging and labeling;
  • check and control of storage conditions;
  • checking the technical condition of containers;
  • checking of vehicles for suitability for the carriage of cargoes;
  • consultations and expertise in case of disputes and claims;
  • opening of cars, vehicles, containers, holds, vessels;
  • investigation of insurance cases, collection of information.

Other services

Specialists of the Baltica-Trans Logistics company will find and realize the most competent and effective solution of any your task.