Transportation in tank containers

Road transportation

The advantages of tank containers:

  • Optimal tarif factor
  • Opportunity delivery from anypoint to the door without overflow
  • Universality and chmical resistance equipments
  • Reliability and security traffic
  • Convenience in storage
  • Absence of packagings
  • Wide range of products
Chemical cargo
  • glycols
  • solvents
  • acrylics
  • spirites
Food cargo
  • juices
  • palm oil
  • vinegar
  • glycerine
  • dimethylether
  • aerosols
  • isobutane
  • propane

* these are just some of the possible options

Fleet of tank containers

Transportation in tank containers

For a wide range of cargoes

  • Top and bottom discharge
  • Shell capasity 24-26 m³
  • Chemical and food products
  • Steam heating system and double walls insulatoin
  • Reefer installstoin
  • Manufactured in 2015-2016
Transportation in tank containers

Transportation of cargoes with low density

  • Shell capasity 29,5-33 м³
  • Manufactured in 2015-2016
Transportation in tank containers

Transportation of  toxic cargoes in tank containers withiout bottom valve

  • Top discharge withiout bottom valve
  • Shell capasity 21-24 м³
  • Manufactured in 2015-2016

Tank container transportation by rail

Transportation in tank containers

Own fleet of railway wagons for transportation 20ft and 23ft tank containers in Russia and CIS countries

Tank containers for transportation of corrosive acids

The tank-container with the polymer lining and the coated fitting valves allows tranportation of the following cargoes:

  • hydrochloric acid
  • nitric acid
  • hydrofluoric acid
  • silicic acid
  • silicon-fluoro-hydrogen acid

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Transportation in tank containers

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