Iranians praised the prospects of the Astrakhan logistics hub

Iranians praised the prospects of the Astrakhan logistics hub

On February 11, he was visited by the president of the joint Iranian-Russian Chamber of Commerce Tizush Taban Hadi. Now the company employs about 300 people. If the growth rate of import of products continues, then by the end of 2020, up to 1 million tons of cargo will be handled here.

In Astrakhan, from Iran, the goods arrive through the “green customs corridor”. Search and paperwork take less than a day. By the way, this time is a record, because there is no such thing anywhere else in the country. It is convenient and beneficial for cargo owners that the products are transported by rail.

Costs compared to road transport are halved, which, in turn, affects the final cost of goods for buyers. Fruits and vegetables from the Astrakhan terminal are sent to cities in the European part of Russia.

“Every day, on average, we ship 15-20 wagons from Iran. We plan to take the entire volume. More than 170 cars leave Russia from Iran daily. Today, we transit Azerbaijan and Dagestan without problems. In 48 hours, the goods arrive in Astrakhan in the customs zone, ”said Galib Khalil-oglu Mammadov, chairman of the board of directors of the Azerbaijani KDY Iogistics group of companies.

It is assumed that the logistics hub should become one of the important links in the North-South international transport corridor. The development of its transit potential is included in the list of instructions given by Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of the task of accelerated development of the region.